Raising Zoë
About Raising Zoë

The Author Raising Zoë is written, drawn and coded by Andre Theelen.
He started drawing when he was a kid and made several comics. He got very interested in using computers to create art when he saw an exposition about it in a museum in the mid eighties. It wouldn't be for quite some years before he could afford one himself to start experimenting.

After finishing school and starting his working career things got busy and there wasn't enough time and motivation to carry on drawing.

Recently however, he discovered the web comic "Questionable Content" by Jeph Jacques by accident. This inspired him to start drawing again and it got him thinking about making a web comic.

The inspiration for this comic is his baby daughter Zoë who was born in March, 2006. The main characters in the comic are the toy animals of his daughter who make silly remarks about parenting and other stuff.

New Raising Zoë comics are published every Monday.