Raising Zoë
The cast

The current cast of Raising Zoë.

Ducky Ducky

Ducky is a little duck with a mind of its own.
He really doesn't like all the noise and fuss Zoë is creating and he just wants things to be... quiet.

He always starts arguments with everyone.

Mr. Elephant Mr. Elephant

As with all elephants, Mr. Elephant is old and wise and can appreciate the good things life has to offer.
He really likes little Zoë and enjoys being in her room so he can watch her growing up.

Mr. Giraffe Mr. Giraffe

Mr. Giraffe is an adventurous dude. He is notorious for getting kicked out of Zoë's bed.
He is pretty relaxed and easy-going.

Zoë Zoë

The official caretaker of the above-mentioned toy animals.